Week 15 – 3 possible future me’s

  1. The current plan with my life is to be an accountant in some form or way. I’m in the accounting program, and am finishing up my second year of my 4 year bachelors degree. After that, I will be taking a 1 year masters program to earn my master’s degree. After that, I’ll become a certified CPA to keep my options open. And after that…. I’m not too sure. Something? I don’t know. But picking something for the sake of this assignment, let’s say I work in the accounting department of a company. I’m currently helping my online employer with bookkeeping and accounting, which has given a whole new world of knowledge and experience. I decided to interview him for the prototyping, and ask him what I have done well and what I have done poorly, so that I can improve myself. What came of that is that I’m helping him, to the best of my ability, with what needs to be classified as what. As for improving, it’s simply a matter of timeliness and improving my knowledge and better marketing myself.
    1. Confidence – 9
    2. Resources – 9
    3. Impact – 6
    4. Satisfaction – 7
  2. If my accounting plan did not go as planned, my backup plan would be to get a degree in something to do with business, probably management or finance, and then just try to get some office job in some company somewhere. I’m a very practical person, so when it comes to job prospects I don’t tend to reach for the stars and dream big; I tend to go with something practical that is a safe bet.
    1. Confidence – 7
    2. Resources – 7
    3. Impact – 5
    4. Satisfaction – 5
  3. If I could choose the job of my choosing, it would definitely be to invest in cryptocurrencies. These are things such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Golem, Ripple, etc. I’ve been learning more and more about it. I had the opportunity to invest in Ripple when it was around $0.01/unit back in March, it is now currently $0.22/unit (I know someone who put $20,000 into it to currently have a value of $440,000). Another opportunity was Ethereum a few months ago at around $6/coin, where it is currently now $90/coin (I had a friend make over $50,000 when he sold his coins around $60/coin). If I had the working capital and knowledge to identify these trends and rises, I could make very solid money. I’ve spoke to someone who has identified a few possible ones and I’ve put a total of around $1,000 across 4 different possibilities. I’m starting to work to do this on the side with money I can afford to lose, just to see what it would be like.
    1. Confidence – 3
    2. Resouces – 6
    3. Impact – 4
    4. Satisfaction – 9

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