Week 14 – Drawing at the Japanese Garden


Aside from my terrible drawing, this is the sketch I produced. I want to say thank you for having us do this. My freshman year, last year, I lived in the hillside E dorms. When I looked at the school map before moving down here, I saw how close the garden was. I was looking forward to going there to distress and study/relax. The first few times I tried to go there, it was either closed, busy with an event, or another reason why I couldn’t enter. After the third or fourth one I stopped bothering and eventually forgot about it. This was actually the first time I’ve been inside, and I’m super glad I got the opportunity to go inside. Back on topic, when we got there, there wasn’t much room, so I found a couple rocks to sit on and sketch. My friend Mark drew the bridge in the background, and I wanted to draw the same bridge; however, there was a bush in the way (bottom left) and it was on he other side of the pond so I couldn’t see all of the details the bridge had. I decided to draw he portion of the pond that was directly in front of me. Albeit being terrible at drawing, I did my best to keep all of the rocks/side of the pond/Lilly pads placed correctly to how I saw it. There was also a pump that made a mini fountain towards the edge of the pond, which is what the concentric circles are. Overall, this was a really fun activity to do during class.


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