Week 13 – Conversation with an Artist – Laura Lopez

IG: artdelauralopez

Laura Lopez is in her third year here at CSU Long Beach. She is originally from Colombia and she came here only for school; she will return to Colombia once she is finished with her classes here. She is working towards her masters degree in fine arts that she will earn at the end of spring 2018. She likes being with friends in her free time, and she enjoys a wide variety of colors. She doesn’t understand English too well, so it was difficult to get her to answer some questions about her work and herself.

The work is very vibrant. It uses the color wheel very well, in that is uses the opposite sides right next to each other to make the colors really pop off the canvas. She also makes good use of geometric shapes and lines to help accentuate her leafs and tree stocks. Both pieces seem to have a theme: one is more warm and happy colors while the other is more cool and sad colors. The warm color piece seems to have a very neat feel to the painting: each of the tree stocks are fully visible with nothing crossing them or blocking their view. The cool color piece seems to have a very messy feel to the painting: it has many pieces of shrubbery and short branch sticks that go in front of the tree stocks (there is a lot going on in that piece).

When asking her what her paintings were about, we got a simple answer. She said that nature inspired the pieces. Plants, trees, animals, everything and anything nearby is what inspired her. She said the tropical atmosphere of her home country is what she is trying to capture: the beauty of nature. She said she studied landscape architecture in Colombia before coming to the United States to study art, so she found it a fluid transition to painting landscape. She has always painted since a young age.

She gave a simple answer, that she was trying to capture the beauty of nature. I can not help but think that there is a deeper answer than that, which she was unable to express. The first painting is warm, neat and clean. That makes me think she painted that piece at a happy time in her life, when she was clear of mind and simply enjoying nature. Maybe it was a sunny day, or maybe someone in her life made her have a good day. The other piece is somewhat sad and cluttered. This makes me think that she painted this while sad, distraught, or maybe even feeling unorganized and all over the place in her life. Maybe the day was stormy, or she recently went through a bad event in her life.



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