Week 15 – 3 possible future me’s

  1. The current plan with my life is to be an accountant in some form or way. I’m in the accounting program, and am finishing up my second year of my 4 year bachelors degree. After that, I will be taking a 1 year masters program to earn my master’s degree. After that, I’ll become a certified CPA to keep my options open. And after that…. I’m not too sure. Something? I don’t know. But picking something for the sake of this assignment, let’s say I work in the accounting department of a company. I’m currently helping my online employer with bookkeeping and accounting, which has given a whole new world of knowledge and experience. I decided to interview him for the prototyping, and ask him what I have done well and what I have done poorly, so that I can improve myself. What came of that is that I’m helping him, to the best of my ability, with what needs to be classified as what. As for improving, it’s simply a matter of timeliness and improving my knowledge and better marketing myself.
    1. Confidence – 9
    2. Resources – 9
    3. Impact – 6
    4. Satisfaction – 7
  2. If my accounting plan did not go as planned, my backup plan would be to get a degree in something to do with business, probably management or finance, and then just try to get some office job in some company somewhere. I’m a very practical person, so when it comes to job prospects I don’t tend to reach for the stars and dream big; I tend to go with something practical that is a safe bet.
    1. Confidence – 7
    2. Resources – 7
    3. Impact – 5
    4. Satisfaction – 5
  3. If I could choose the job of my choosing, it would definitely be to invest in cryptocurrencies. These are things such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Golem, Ripple, etc. I’ve been learning more and more about it. I had the opportunity to invest in Ripple when it was around $0.01/unit back in March, it is now currently $0.22/unit (I know someone who put $20,000 into it to currently have a value of $440,000). Another opportunity was Ethereum a few months ago at around $6/coin, where it is currently now $90/coin (I had a friend make over $50,000 when he sold his coins around $60/coin). If I had the working capital and knowledge to identify these trends and rises, I could make very solid money. I’ve spoke to someone who has identified a few possible ones and I’ve put a total of around $1,000 across 4 different possibilities. I’m starting to work to do this on the side with money I can afford to lose, just to see what it would be like.
    1. Confidence – 3
    2. Resouces – 6
    3. Impact – 4
    4. Satisfaction – 9

Week 15 – Conversation with a classmate

His website: jaredmalabed.wordpress.com

This week I spoke with Jared Malabed. He’s a third year engineering student who is going to be transitioning to taking some hard 400 level courses next year. Similarly, I’ll be transitioning to taking nearly all 300 level courses next year, so we’re both going to be taking some harder classes. When we started talking about what hobbies we have, we learned that we both love hockey. We’re both big fans of the San Jose Sharks. He actually played for a few years before he became busy with school. It was really cool to spend a few minutes talking hockey with someone. Supposedly, hockey is one of the big 5 sports in the US, but actual fans are few and far between, as opposed to sports like baseball, football, and basketball.



Week 14 – Drawing at the Japanese Garden


Aside from my terrible drawing, this is the sketch I produced. I want to say thank you for having us do this. My freshman year, last year, I lived in the hillside E dorms. When I looked at the school map before moving down here, I saw how close the garden was. I was looking forward to going there to distress and study/relax. The first few times I tried to go there, it was either closed, busy with an event, or another reason why I couldn’t enter. After the third or fourth one I stopped bothering and eventually forgot about it. This was actually the first time I’ve been inside, and I’m super glad I got the opportunity to go inside. Back on topic, when we got there, there wasn’t much room, so I found a couple rocks to sit on and sketch. My friend Mark drew the bridge in the background, and I wanted to draw the same bridge; however, there was a bush in the way (bottom left) and it was on he other side of the pond so I couldn’t see all of the details the bridge had. I decided to draw he portion of the pond that was directly in front of me. Albeit being terrible at drawing, I did my best to keep all of the rocks/side of the pond/Lilly pads placed correctly to how I saw it. There was also a pump that made a mini fountain towards the edge of the pond, which is what the concentric circles are. Overall, this was a really fun activity to do during class.

Week 14 – classmate conversation – Alex Gonzalez

His website – gonzalezalexblog.wordpress.com

We forgot to take a picture 😦

This week I spoke with Alex Gonzalez at the Japanese garden. He is a first year who lives in LA. When I asked about which dorm he stayed in, he told me that he actually lives at home and commutes an hour each way every time he comes to class (only 3x a week). Next semester he plans on scheduling all of his classes on Monday and Wednesday so that he only had to commute twice a week. We talked about how we both struggled at times during the year; he works a lot in addition to commuting 3x a week to come to school which has caused him to not have time to participate in the sports he loves anymore. We’re both looking forward to the summer to work a little bit extra and have some more time on our hands to participate in activity we like.



Week 13 – Conversation with an Artist – Laura Lopez

IG: artdelauralopez

Laura Lopez is in her third year here at CSU Long Beach. She is originally from Colombia and she came here only for school; she will return to Colombia once she is finished with her classes here. She is working towards her masters degree in fine arts that she will earn at the end of spring 2018. She likes being with friends in her free time, and she enjoys a wide variety of colors. She doesn’t understand English too well, so it was difficult to get her to answer some questions about her work and herself.

The work is very vibrant. It uses the color wheel very well, in that is uses the opposite sides right next to each other to make the colors really pop off the canvas. She also makes good use of geometric shapes and lines to help accentuate her leafs and tree stocks. Both pieces seem to have a theme: one is more warm and happy colors while the other is more cool and sad colors. The warm color piece seems to have a very neat feel to the painting: each of the tree stocks are fully visible with nothing crossing them or blocking their view. The cool color piece seems to have a very messy feel to the painting: it has many pieces of shrubbery and short branch sticks that go in front of the tree stocks (there is a lot going on in that piece).

When asking her what her paintings were about, we got a simple answer. She said that nature inspired the pieces. Plants, trees, animals, everything and anything nearby is what inspired her. She said the tropical atmosphere of her home country is what she is trying to capture: the beauty of nature. She said she studied landscape architecture in Colombia before coming to the United States to study art, so she found it a fluid transition to painting landscape. She has always painted since a young age.

She gave a simple answer, that she was trying to capture the beauty of nature. I can not help but think that there is a deeper answer than that, which she was unable to express. The first painting is warm, neat and clean. That makes me think she painted that piece at a happy time in her life, when she was clear of mind and simply enjoying nature. Maybe it was a sunny day, or maybe someone in her life made her have a good day. The other piece is somewhat sad and cluttered. This makes me think that she painted this while sad, distraught, or maybe even feeling unorganized and all over the place in her life. Maybe the day was stormy, or she recently went through a bad event in her life.


Week 13 – Conversation with a Classmate – Alexander LeBreton

This week I spoke with . We were both drawn to the exhibit by Laura Lopez. We immediately began talking about how interesting the pieces were and what they reminded us. We then quickly transitioned to how much nature was inside of them, and how we both love doing things outdoors (hiking, biking, etc.). We’re looking forward to summer, it’s only a few weeks away now! We’re in the final stretch and we’re both so ready for classes to be over so that we can get outdoors stress-free and simply enjoy nature!

His website: alexlebreton.wordpress.com

Another bad selfie 🙂