Week 11 – Conversation with an Artist – Sirius Moghim


This week I spoke with Sirius Moghim about his gallery. He is a senior graduating this upcoming fall, so this is his senior show. He will have his BFA in sculpture. He is mostly interested in Islamic culture and expressing it through geometry to create patterns. He decided to come to CSU Long Beach because of the excellent art program that it has in comparison to the other schools here in California.

The main piece I’m focusing on is the violin that is suspended in the air in front of a colorful and symmetrical background. The violin is seemingly made out of some form of opaque plastic that light cannot shine through as evidenced by the dark shadow it leaves on the background. The background has a wide range of colors that are mostly warm colors. It reminds me of the top of a tree with leaves, and the sun coming through the holes where it’s a bright white/yellow. The only cool colors seem to be at the bottom right with a green/blue hue there.

Speaking to him, he had a strong sense of the message that he was trying to portray and the reaction he was trying to elicit from the audience. He said that this piece was the portrayal of the excellence of god, and that it hints that patterns can transcend emotions and thoughts. His gallery and artwork as a whole is inspired by grief that he has had throughout his life, and this is how he processed said grief. He said that the crystal violin reminds him of his mother, and the shadow on the background caused by the violin shows the void and absence of his mother.

I feel like the contrast between the vibrant color and the dark space tries to communicate the emotions experienced in life. It says that by and large, life is a wonderful experience that will have plenty of amazing moments; however, it will have moments of grief and sorrow. Looking at it, the void only is about 10-20% of the art piece, so that may show that those down moments are not nearly as often as the joyous ones. I believe that the vibrancy of the colors is an attempt to show just how beautiful and breath-taking life is.IMG_0447


Week 11 – Classmate Conversation

This week I spoke with Miguel Cabada. He is a first year here at CSU Long Beach and he is going to declare in computer technology. He originally lived in Compton, California and chose to come here to Long Beach because he loved the beach atmosphere that this town has. He enjoys playing soccer in his free time, although he doesn’t play with a team. He also enjoys spending his free time watches videos on YouTube/Netflix. We mainly talked about how excited we are for summer, and when we visited the gallery with the interconnecting boxes and wires, it made us think about how we all had our excitement for summer in common. We then chose that gallery to base our notecard drawing off of. The other classmate I spoke with was Mark De Artola; however, I have already spoke with him in a previous conversation.

Miguel’s website: cabadamiguel.wordpress.com


Artist Conversation – Week 10 – Brittany Waters

IG: Artbywaters

Brittany Waters is a senior here at CSU Long Beach. She had her senior show this week in the Dutzi Gallery. She feels passionately about both animals and ocean life. Unfortunately not much more is known as she, along with the other artists, were not present at the time the class met.

The exhibit was split into two sections by a wall. The first section was photos of small sea turtles on the left wall. They were great resolution photos, you felt as though you saw those turtles yourself. The second portion of the exhibit was experiential. You turned the corner and saw the area covered in sand. There were baby sea turtles scurrying along the sand towards the ocean (projected on the wall). There was a seat where you could sit down and were invited to take pictures of the turtles running for the ocean. Finally there was a hidden iPad making ocean noises, which gave the room a relaxing feel.

The message the artist was trying to get across is pretty clear: this is an issue that we can all see in our own packyard. This isn’t out of sight, and this is impacting us now. She was bringing awareness to how our behavior is affecting wildlife in our community; therefore, we need to treat the environment, specifically the beach in his instance, much better than we currently are. She even gave us a simple and fun way to get involved: take a selfie and use the hashtag #MoreThanASandbox to send a message and get this circulating on social media.

While her message was clear, I felt like her exhibit could have brought more of a feel of urgency to it. Without reading the statement, someone padding by might get a totally different feel. The room had a calm feeling to it, and the beach setup was relaxing and enjoyable. There could have been elements she could have added to get across the message that we need to treat the environment better. Until I read the statement, I thought she was trying to go for a relaxed, slow down and enjoy nature feeling to combat the high paced high stressed society we currently live in.