Week 9: Conversation with an Artist – David DeSantis

IG: rapturefineart

David DeSantis is a senior here at CSU Long Beach. His first major was graphic design; however, upon stepping foot in the printmaking building he immediately went to his advisor and asked to switch majors. He transferred from a community college here to CSU Long Beach. He chose this school because it is a top art school on the west coast; San Diego, his home area, did not have much of an art program and the program at Fullerton did not compare to Long Beach. He likes lithography and screenprinting. Aside from art, he likes to listen to Dubstep, snowboard, and go to music festivals.

Out of all the pieces I’ve seen in the galleries this semester, this has to be one of the best. Each piece looked incredible and, simply put, was awesome. The two main pieces I’m focusing on are the samurai head and the wolf mouth. The samurai head seems to have slightly curved lines where the color is missing (almost as if there had been tape down and he painted over the tape and removed it once finished). The lines are very precise, and it seems to use similar shades of a dark red. The wolf mouth is white/grey/black and seems to have a faded feel to it. There are some distinct lines, but much of it blends together to give a vague feeling of the shape. You can see one eye at the top right, but the other eye is not easily discernible, and the background seems to be visible within the mouth and all around it.

He described his motivation for his pieces was often fueled through music. He said that hr would listen to Dubstep whilst creating these pieces; the music would bring about an emotion that he either is currently experiencing or has experienced in the past. He then uses that emotion to create his piece. He didn’t go much into depth specifically as to what each piece meant, but based on the colors and the line usage, I would say that the samurai head is associated with anger and the wolf mouth is associated with a sense of feeling lost. He also has an artist inspiration who is Jackson Paul.

When he said he listened to Dubstep and that was his primary motivation behind his pieces, my ears perked up. When I was younger I enjoyed listening to dubstep and went through a phase for it. I’ve since transitioned on to EDM; however, I have fond memories of where I began listening to electronic style music. It helped me connect with the art and recreate in my head what he was potentially listening to and how the music made him feel. Since he likes to snowboard and tends to fit the general stereotype of a masculine college male, it’s quite possible that the samurai head was simply creating during a song he felt was cool, and he felt the samurai head was simply cool too. I can only guess.


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