Week 7 – Conversation with an Artist – Andrea Mejia


This week I spoke with Andrea Mejia. Her piece was featured in a gallery that had many pieces from various different artists in a collaborative style. She is an Illustration major. She originally was a business major; however, she was unable to pass math and thus decided to move to art. Consequently, she’s been creating art pieces for around 4 years. She started knowing nothing and not having much talent, but art has since consumed all of her free time and she has improved her skill through practice. During this time, she has been brainstorming ideas for a comic that she hopes to draft soon. She has been actively working on her comic for the better part of 2 years. The drawing seen above is a character in her comic.

This piece definitely has a “Comic book” feel to it. It’s hard to describe what exactly I mean, other than this is a piece that I would indeed expect to see in a comic book. The piece doesn’t have too much detail, which is in line with many drawings of characters in comic books. It’s very simply drawn and only has the essential elements: nose, vague mouth, eyes, hair, etc. The shirt has very little detail aside from it showing its a collared shirt and there is a shadow on the front portion of the shirt. The crystal-like structure either seems to be emerging from the background or exploding; it definitely portrays the notion that it is somehow rising.

When talking to her about what the piece meant, she said it was a character in her comic. She said it’s about what the characters find and what they experience, which leads me to believe that they find a crystal of some sort which causes them to then have a unique experience from said crystal. She pointed out how all of the characters in her comic are minors. Beyond that she didn’t reveal much, so she likely wanted to keep most of the details a secret so that people would be enticed to read her comic once it comes out, rather than already knowing the details.

I’m not entirely sure what she’s attempting to convey other than the character and crystal displayed are either central to the plot or the main character and/or often referenced. I did notice, however, that the character had both blue hair and a blue shift. I can’t help but wonder if this means that either he, or the story as a whole, is a sad story. She could just enjoy the color blue and think it fits well aesthetically, but I can’t help but wonder if there is another reason for it.


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