Week 6 – Art Gallery Story


*Awesome Painting*

*Carmina Correa*

Paper canvas


CSULB School of Art, Gatov East Gallery


Millions of years ago, humans used to inhabit Earth much like they do today. They had begun discovering technology, much like we have today. New technology for skyscrapers was being discovered, allowing engineers to build taller and stronger buildings than before, new medical discoveries were consuming news headlines as scientists were unlocking the secrets to genetically modifying organisms. This all came at a cost, however.

With peace prevailing among the many countries and technology advancing at an increasing rate each year, humanity became relaxed and content. There were no foreseeable threats. There were no wars, no fighting, and technology was allowing humans to become more lazy and not having to do much of anything anymore. Crime was essentially nonexistent. This is what led to the first extinction of humanity.

Scientists had just began transitioning from smaller animals to medium sized animals with lab testing. They had successfully managed to double the size of a rat and were going to attempt the same to a dog, they decided to start with a Shibi. At first it was a massive success, it went just as planned; however, upon testing the genetically modified Shinzo with an unrelated modification not see how it would affect an already genetically modified Shibi, it went wrong. The Shibi continued to grow at an alarming rate, doubling in size every hour, and managed to learn the ability to shoot deadly lasers out of its eyes. The creature quickly broke out of the lab and began attacking the nearby city. With no means of protection, no police, military, etc., the creature moved from city to city destroying humanity bit by bit until no one remained.


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