Week 5: Automatic Drawing


So this experience didn’t exactly go as planned. We originally started on a table and tried to listen to some sappy music, but that didn’t work. We then spent like 20 minutes trying to wait for the unpasteurized to move but it never did. We quickly talked and decided it would be best to just move our hands and let them go in a direction they wanted to go. After a bit, we thought it would be fun to do two more loops while pressing hard: once with the crimson color and once with the light blue color. It was funny because my roommate came in half way through us sitting there and thought it was a relationship strengthening exercise, but when we told him it was an art project he said we should of just lied and said it was what he suggested. Overall, it was fun to just listen to music and relax for 20 or so minutes, and then just draw in a random fashion.


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