Week 2: Lanscape with a Corpse

img_0241For this project I sort of became attached to the idea of overdosing on speed, as you mentioned in the lecture. My dad being cop, I immediately thought about asking him to take a photo of me overdosing on cocaine, mainly to see his reaction. He kind of looked at me perplexed for a second before laughing and agreeing to take the photo.

He first took a packet of Splenda and told me to cover he hole around my nose in saliva and put the powder around it. That didn’t really work, as in the photo it was hard to see the powder around my nose. So he went to the bathroom and brought back some sticky topical ointment that the powder would stick to, and then put that around my nose. That worked much better. We then constructed the scene and it came out wonderfully. He got a good chuckle out of it, so I’m glad I could involve him in a part of my art project.


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