Week 1: plaster casting

Our first activity this year was plaster casting. It was super exciting waking up to go to the beach on a nice sunny day. That, and the homemade tea was superb! (Thanks Glenn).

I brought my girlfriend Shey along with me to meet my new friend Courtney and her boyfriend Daniel. We helped each other make plaster casts of our respective body parts: I made my hand, Shey made her foot, Courtney made her hand, and Daniel made his entire arm practically! It was fun watching everyone set everything up and work together to help each other. Our plaster casts came out pretty well: mine was pretty good except that the index through pinker fifer were attached after the top knuckle. Shey’s came out nicely, she was super excited about it and spent over an hour brushing it off and picking out sand once we got home.

It was really fun to enjoy the sun and make some art.  While we were waiting for our casts to dry, we threw a frisbee around and a football as well. It was nice talking with people and meeting new people in the class. I really am looking forward to more meet ups where we can all enjoy doing art together. Courtney and I are planning on meeting up sometime and hanging out. I even snap chatted my hand once it came out and put it on my story!







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