Week 1: Conversation with a Classmate

This week I spoke Courtney Clyde. During the class meeting, Glenn asked if anyone in the class had played sports. We both answered with our respective sports, so when it came time to talk, we talked about the sports we played. I learned that Courtney had played soccer for years and even went to nationals, I believe in Florida. She now plays on a club team here here at school. She works in the student recreation center and loves fitness, which made it easy to talk. I lift weights 3-4 times a week, and also play ultimate frisbee. It was great to meet someone who shares a passion for fitness and exercise.

From there we talked about where we were from and how we ended up here at CSU Long Beach. I learned that she was from Santa Barbara. It was fun to learn that because my great aunt partially owns a Beach house in Santa Barbara which ended up being only a mile away from where Courtney grew up; small world right? We talked about our majors: Courtney is a Kinesiology major, the same major my brother started as, and I am an accounting major. We talked about the specific difficulties of our respective majors; I have it easy compared to her. She had an exam on her first day of class!

Bad photo below

Her website: https://courtneyclydeweb.wordpress.com/



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